Thursday, June 25, 2009

Swim Lessons, Homeschool Convention, and Triathlon Training

I feel like we have had a MILLION things going on over the last couple of weeks.

Norah and Lucy started swim lessons last week. While the first day or two didn't go so well with Lucy - they are both doing great now and loving it. I think I am going to sign them up for another session in a few weeks.

Max came into town this week. He had a booth for Foreign Language Friends at the St. Charles Homeschool Convention. Kevin stayed home on Tuesday and we had our babysitters come over on Wednesday so I could help Max at the convention both days.

My training for the triathlon is going well for the most part. I haven't been swimming as often as I like, but the running and biking on right on target. Some friends of ours found me a triathlon bike to use - it is amazing how different it feels from my mountain bike. Last week on my mountain bike, I rode 6 miles in about 40 minutes. On Saturday, I rode 7 1/2 miles in about 40 minutes - not bad. Although I think I have a heavy head because my neck was so sore by the time I finished riding. Maybe my helmet is too heavy and since I am leaning really far forward - it just feels strange! I have been consistently running 3 miles - so I am ready for that leg of the race. I just need to make for of an effort to swim.

Now that Daphne is rolling both ways - she is all over the place. I lay her on a blanket - which is really pointless because she won't stay on it. She is my earliest mover - for sure. Even though Norah could roll over, she didn't very often and Lucy rolled over later than Norah.

I will try to post pictures soon!


Dan and Amanda said...

My swimming training is lacking too! I've been training on a Mountain bike it's so much heavier than a road bike...