Monday, June 8, 2009

Sleep Issues

As I mentioned in my previous post, Daphne is rolling over - both ways. This is now causing us some sleeping problems. Daphne wants to sleep on her tummy, but flips herself over to her back. When she is not tired, she flips herself back to her tummy, but for some reason she won't do it when she is in her bed.

Last night she was awake about 3 times because she rolled herself over. Then today during EVERY nap, Daphne rolled herself over, then would not go back to sleep. Let's just say Daphne was not a happy camper today. Hopefully, this phase will go quickly.


Melissa (aka Kitty) said...

it will pass. cole did the same thing except he wouldn't flip himself back over.

Sarah G said...

It seems like new "tricks" can be blessings and curses. :) I'll be praying that Daphne would figure out her new sleeping movements soon so both she and you can get some rest. Hang in there! I hope tonight goes better.

Jared, Lana, Morgan, and Kelsey said...

Yes, we've been there.... as they continue to learn new things and gain new skills, it seems to throw other areas of their lives out of whack! Hang in there, it does get better!