Thursday, June 18, 2009

5 Months Old

I know it is hard to see on the computer, but she has her first ponytail on top of her head!!!

Oh my goodness - how can Daphne be 5 months already? It is hard to believe, but we are enjoying every minute with her. She is a happy, easy-going baby - as long as she gets her sleep (she has some true Leitch blood). She does get a little bored when her sisters are not available to entertain her - which doesn't happen often. It seems like someone is always hovering over Daphne providing her with nonstop entertainment!

Now that the rolling over things is old news, Daphne just sleeps however. Sometimes she sleeps on her tummy, sometimes her back and sometimes her side. When she first wakes up from a nap or nighttime sleep, Daphne never really cries. She just coos and kicks her mobile. Most mornings we hear the mobile being kicked before she even makes any noises.

Speaking of cooing . . .some of Daphne's newest sounds include: yayayayay, mmmmmmm, gu, oooh, aaah, mum

Just noticed - One of Daphne's bottom front teeth is finally in!! The second one is close!


Kyle Luke said...

Oh my word! She is adorable!

heather said...

That picture is adorable!!
What a cutie :)