Monday, May 4, 2009


Kevin and I decided to participate in a triathlon.  Neither of us have ever done this before - Kevin has run a number of half-marathons and a full marathon.  I have run a half marathon, multiple 10k's and 5k's.  We both would like a new challenge so we opted for a sprint triathlon!  It isn't until the end of August, so we have plenty of time to train.  

I started exercising the beginning of March - mostly a run/walk combo.  I also went to see my trainer and started strength training about the same time.  I have never been much of a cyclist - I really have only biked more than a couple of miles a handful of times.  We have a 4 mile loop around our neighborhood that I told Kevin I was going to do once or twice.  Kevin suggested I start with completing the loop once and then see how I feel.  I also want to try to run at least a mile after each time I bike - so I can get used to the feeling of going from biking to running.  

So I started out on my 4-mile loop feeling pretty good.  About 1 1/2 miles in I start going uphill - a big hill - I can hardly pedal.  Seriously, I thought I might have to get off my bike and walk it 2 1/2 miles home!!  I considered turning around, but figured since I was almost halfway I should just keep going.  I'm going up and down a number of hills - each time I go up, I am regretting my decision to bike ride and each time I go down a hill, I think "Okay, maybe this isn't so bad.  I can totally do this."  I get close to home and my calves and my behind are killing me!  

Now remember I thought I might try to do the loop twice - yeah right, not gonna happen this time.  Oh, right, I also thought I might run a mile.  Ha!  I put my bike in the garage and start to jog down the driveway.  My legs totally feel like jello!  I proceed to run a couple of minutes - I seriously don't think I can go any farther but now I have to get home.  Thankfully, I only ran about 3 minutes away from the house so I run 3 minutes back (it wasn't even close to a mile). 

When I walk in the door, I said to Kevin, "What have I done?"  I can't believe I paid $90 to do a triathlon.  I just might die in the process!!  (Go ahead and call me dramatic).


Kelly said...

WOW! Good for you taking on such a challenge! Keep us posted on your progress.

Amanda said...

Ha!!!! I totally understand. I'm doing one in August also. The swimming part of the race is where I die.