Wednesday, May 6, 2009

A Few Funnies!

Today, Lucy said to me, "Why you wear those shorts today?"  

I said, "I'm going to exercise in a little bit."  

Lucy's response, "I don't like you in shorts.  Maybe you should wear longer pants and not those shorts."

Thanks, Lucy!

Norah was talking to our babysitter, Gaby.  Norah said, "Do you know who I think is cute?"  

Gaby said, "Who?"

Norah said, "Kev."

(Gaby calls us Mr. & Mrs. Swinigan) She said, "Who?"

Norah said, "My daddy!"

Pretty cute, huh?

Daphne's turn!  Lucy was praying tonight, "Thank you God for Daphne's laugh, thank you for Daphne's little feet, help Norah's hurt foot."

Norah starts crying because "my foot doesn't hurt."  Daphne starts CRACKING up!  She laughed and laughed.  She laughed so hard - causing Norah to laugh instead of cry!!  It was as if Daphne totally new Lucy was trying to be funny!  So far Daphne is Lucy's biggest fan!!


Gina said...

Very funny! Will is getting funnier and funnier these days. Can't wait for these types of comments. I love it!!!