Friday, May 1, 2009

Happy 3rd Birthday, Lucy

Lucy is 3 today!  This is even harder to believe than Norah turning 5!  She seems so grown up all of the sudden.  Lucy has suddenly become Norah's shadow!  She copies everything Norah says and does.  If Norah takes the meat off her pizza, Lucy takes the meat off her pizza.  If Lucy sits down to lunch before Norah, she will yell, "Norah, do you like oranges?"  If Norah says no, Lucy turns to me and says, "I not like oranges."  This happens all day long!

Lucy is a very happy little girl.  She is always smiling and laughing.  If she gets upset about something, it doesn't last more than 2 minutes.  She giggles and giggles during meals and since her laugh is contagious, we all often end up cracking up!  

Lucy LOVES attention - positive or negative!  She likes to push our buttons and get in trouble.  Whether she is in timeout, picking up something she threw or dumped, or sitting in her room, she is laughing through it all.  

Lucy talks all the time!  Those who know me know that she must get this honestly!  Last week we had dinner with some friends.  We had driven separately because Kevin met us there after work.  Lucy rode home with Kevin, and Norah and Daphne rode home with me.  Kevin said that Lucy talked the entire 25 minutes home!  He said she didn't even take a breath!  Some of her favorite things to say are "actually (sounds more like ack-shlee)," "This take a yong, yong (long,
 long) time," "Neh (as in 'Do you want to go outside?' 'Neh')" "That's just weird!"

Lucy's favorite things to play are baby dolls, dress-up, Barbies, Polly Pocket and Littlest Pet Shop.  She likes to dress and redress the dolls and herself.

Some of her favorite books are The Monster at the End of the Book, Princess Gigi, Fancy Nancy, Goodnight Moon and Little Lu.  We often read the same books over and over to the point that Lucy has then memorized.  

We are so thankful that God gave us this sweet child so full of joy.  We are excited to watch Lucy grow over the next year.


Anonymous said...

Happy 3rd Birthday Lucy!!!

Nicole said...

Happy Birthday, sweet Lucy!

We're excited to see you tomorrow!

The Diehls

jdiehl said...

What adorable pictures! It makes me smile to think about cute Lucy's shenanigans! Happy Birthday, little Lucy.

The Other Diehls!

Jackie said...

Praise God for a healthy, happy, hilarious little Lucy! Grandma Jackie and Grandpa Steve love you very much!

Melissa (aka Kitty) said...

how they change so quickly. it was fun to see you last night lucy.

Krys said...

I can't believe she is three already! I'm so glad you have this blog so that I can see the girls growing up from across the country.