Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Happy 7th Birthday, Lucy Mae!

Lucy turns 7 today!  Wow!  Thinking back to this time 7 years ago, I am so very thankful for her sweet little life.  She had to fight a little harder than most full term babies, but thankfully, God breathed life into her when no one else knew what was going on.  Here is a post I wrote about her birth.

Do you know the book The Five Love Languages by Gary Chapman?  Lucy is the only one of the three that has 2 distinct love languages.  For Norah we can sort of pick one out (and I can tell you a couple that she is definitely not) and we haven't been able to identify one for Daphne for sure yet.  Without a doubt, her love languages are acts of service and physical touch.  She is constantly hugging (or hanging) on whomever is nearest to her.  She wants to sit RIGHT next to her sisters on the couch or link arms/hold hands when they are walking.  Physical touch is not mine or Norah's - so this is really hard for us to take sometimes.  She is also the first of the three girls to offer to do something helpful or to just do it as a surprise.  Several times in the last couple of weeks, Lucy has picked up the basement all by herself while the rest of us were busy doing something else.  She also is the first to offer to help one of her sisters with their chores so the job goes more quickly. 

Lucy is pretty easy to describe - she has a pretty enthusiastic, intense, passionate personality.  Every characteristic that describes Lucy. . . REALLY describes her intensely.  She is a happy, go-lucky kid.  She loves intensely. She plays passionately. She hugs intensely.  She even fights passionately.

Lucy is taking a dance class and a drama class right now - which are obviously great classes for a child with a passionate personality!  ha!  She pretends, dances, and sings all day long!  Getting school work done with Lucy each can be. . . . entertaining.  She tends to read or answer questions with an accent of some sort.  It is often an English accent, or sometimes Australian. 

It is crazy to think how quickly the last 7 years have gone.  We are excited to see what God has planned for her life as she continues to grow!




Jackie said...

Happy birthday to Lucy, A very special loving child. We always enjoy being around her. Thanks to God for her precious life.