Thursday, November 4, 2010

I am thankful for. . .

my friend, Jenny. She offered to have Norah and Lucy come over today so I could get some things done this afternoon while Daphne napped. Jenny is an art teacher so while her little boy napped, she and the girls did a couple of art projects. They did some clay projects (she has a kiln so after she fires the stuff, the girls will go back and finish them) and made a picture with oil pastels, paint brushes and water. The girls had a blast and Jenny said they worked for almost 3 hours!! Nothing like a private art lesson by a really talented artist!! Look at this adorable cat that Jenny made and fired and then let the girls help decorate.
(sidenote: Jenny makes and sells all kinds of really cool animals. If you need a unique Christmas gift and want to get in touch with her, let me know!)
I really enjoyed having a couple of hours to get a few things done around here.