Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Decorating HELP!

Now that our basement is officially complete - working bathroom and all - it is time to decorate it. However, I need help!!!! Basically, it is our playroom and homeschool room with a bedroom and bathroom. Our main struggle is color. Right now the walls are dapper tan - exciting, I know!! Having 2 girls, I would love to do pink and brown, but since we have lots of little boy friends who come over to play, I want it to be more unisex.

Here are a few pictures:

This first picture is obviously between the guest room and steps. It's not huge, so maybe a reading nook or something. (The glider will go back to the baby's room once we move Lucy into Norah's room.)

This picture is to the left of the guest room. The door on the right is the bathroom and the door on the left is just a tiny utility closet. I think this would be the best place for our homeschool set up because it is set back a little, sort defining it as a separte space (at this point most of our homeschooling happens on the floor and through play, but Norah is learning to write and the girls draw/color tons of pictures).

This space is to the left of the little white table in previous picture. Right now it is a hodge podge of stuff - kitchen, balls, books, play food, random toys, etc. Notice that ALL the wall s are blank - BORING!

Just a continuation of hodge podge.

This is the guest room - now very big. There is about 2 feet to the left of the bed and 2-3 feet to the right of the bed. Kevin has suggested scooting the bed against one wall and making it the homeschool room - I'm not a huge fan of that idea, but I am open to other suggestions.

Lucy is standing in a small closet that is not being utilized well at all!! Right now it has to plastic drawer things that holds dress up clothes and doll clothes.

Norah and I really like this idea for above the table. I will probably make my own so I can pretty much go with anything. I will probably try go look at fabric in the next day or so.

One more thought - since it is a basement, there are no windows - so dark colors are probably out.

I will take all the suggestions I can get!

I guess this is my first OPAM so I will post pictures when I am finished.


Nicole said...

OOOH how fun! I'm excited to see what you do with the space. What about a really light spring green (I found a really nice shade that we're going to paint our playroom (whenever I get around to stripping the wallpaper)... its called 'seedling green' by Valspar paints (Lowe's). I think you should keep the guest room separate, and do the homeschool room in that main area. I also LOVE the idea of that fabric covered board. I am going to have to do that somewhere in my house!

I can't wait to finish our basement... right now its just ugly paneling over the bricks so we have a lot of work ahead of us!

Nicole said...

I saw those boards in the PBK catalog and loved them!

I like the light green idea, too, or a pale yellow maybe, and think you should keep the homeschooling area out in the big room, so you still have a full guest room. My 2 cents!

Alison said...

Ryan likes to look at the pictures of the girls and have me explain. He wants to know if he can go to school with Norah.

For the room...what about some bright colored boards. I don't know what they are called. They are almost the cork boards covered in fabric. You could put up stuff from each topic and then would be able to take it down when you are done.

Melissa (aka Kitty) said...

I love the girls picture on the top of your blog. Beautiful. Love it. have fun in Newport Beach.