Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Christmas Cookies!

One of my favorite Christmas traditions is making cookies! Besides the fact that I have the biggest sweet tooth, I love to share the cookies with others! I love it that I now have a helper!! Let me just say that Norah wasn't the best at helping with the cut-out cookies because she just wanted to play with the dough. (I actually thought she would like using the cookie cutters - silly me.)
So today we made my favorite - peanut butter blossoms. Our little friend, Macy, came over today to help (she's 7). Macy was a great helper! Norah enjoyed making these cookies better than the cut-outs because she got to roll them in sugar. Norah rolled 1 cookie to every 4 because she was so busy talking. When the cookies were done baking, they put the chocolate kisses on top. The girls did great!
I also made chocolate cookies with mint frosting. These are also a favorite! Lucy stood at my leg and begged, "Cookie, cookie!"
Tomorrow I am going to dip pretzels in caramel and roll them in pecans and chopped up peanut butter chocolate chips.
Did I say that I love Christmas cookies?!


heather said...

Yum! Those all sound good!
Funny, I posted my Christmas baking today too on my recipe blog...

Do you guys still want to come over this weekend for games? I'll find out from Kasey which evening for sure and talk to you soon!

Krys said...

I love cookies too! My favorites are also peanut butter blossoms :) When I was little I also helped my mom bake cookies, but one time when she turned her back I bit the tops off of all the kisses. How's that for a great helper?

Jody said...

That pretzel thing sounds yummy! Justin and I thought the girls looked so cute in the snow.