Sunday, November 11, 2007

Weekend Fun

Kevin and I actually had a date night! It doesn't happen often, but it was great to get out for a little while. We went to Red Lobster to eat and then met Matt & Nicole Diehl's at The Old Rock House to listen to the Fundamental Elements play.

We had a great time hanging out with the Diehl's and listening to the band! It was fun to see Russ Mohr - he sings in Fundamental Elements!

Nicole and I - it doesn't happen often that we hang out without kids!

Today, Kevin ran in a half marathon in Clayton and I ran with a friend in the 5K. Kevin did great - set a personal best record! The weather was perfect! I am proud of Kevin, but at this time I have no interest in running that far! 3 miles is a great distance for me!!

Since the girls haven't been feeling great - my mom came down to hang out and watch them.

Lucy has pneumonia and an ear infection and Norah has a bad cough. Both girls need 4 breathing treatments a day until their coughs go away. We are really praying that this is not a start of long term treatments for Lucy. Norah's asthma and daily treatments are a clue that it may be come to that for Lucy, too.

We are just going to hang out and relax the rest of the day!!! Yay!


Katie said...

Sounds like a fun night out! Donnie has been sick the last couple of days and it stinks...good luck with mothering two under the weather kids.

The Smith Family said...

It sounds like you and the Diehls had a great time out. We hang out with the Willmeth's about once a month, but never without the kids. We need to try a night out with just the adults(hmmm...but what would we talk about). :) I hope the girls get to feeling better.

Katie said...

So fun! I wish it was one of the shows I went to! Sorry that your girls aren't feeling well! That's exhaustive!