Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Quick Update

As usual life is crazy but for anyone who is still reading my blog - here is a brief update.

1. We finished school on Friday!! Thank You, Jesus. Norah finished with 1st grade and is loving telling people that she is now a 2nd grader!! This year definitely had more challenges than last, but we are done and ready to look towards next year.

2. We had a garage sale on Friday evening and Saturday morning. The weather was horrible, but we made about $200. I was happy with that but we have TONS of stuff left. My mom took some stuff home to add to my SIL's garage sale so hopefully I will make a little more.

3. We had a family birthday party for Lucy on Saturday afternoon (yes, you read that right. I planned a garage sale for the same day I had planned a birthday party. not the best idea I ever had.) She loved having both sides of the family here for her party!! We definitely missed Shawna and Jackson - Jackson was sick. And we missed Alison's boys - they were with their dad. Otherwise, we had a great time!

4. Norah went to my parents' for a couple of days. She has been looking forward to this for a couple of months. It is strange not having her here. Lucy really misses her. She has told me all day long that she is so bored. Maybe they will appreciate each other more after some time apart. Absence makes the heart grow fonder, right? Does that work with siblings?

5. I am trying to finish plans for the summer. We are going to do a big "Space" unit this summer - a couple of days a week. We have to be here in the afternoons while Daphne naps so we need something fun to do. All 3 girls are doing swim lessons in June plus Norah and Lucy have VBS at our church in June. Norah is going to take an art class this summer. She is really excited about that.

6. I am trying to plan for school in the fall. There are a million things that I want to do - with all 3 girls. I just need to find the time to plan. Trying to decide if it would be better to take a whole weekend to plan or if I should commit to one evening a week to plan. Norah and Lucy are going to do Bible, History and Science together - with different expectations, of course. I really like the Bible curriculum for that I have for both of them so I need (want) to figure out a way to do them both.

7. I have Bootcamp Challenge training this weekend. Once I finish that I will be able to teach my own classes. I am so excited. Right now I am teaching a 6 a.m. class with Blondina and I LOVE it. I put Kevin through one of the workouts last night and he texted me today telling me that he is really sore. That is saying a lot because he is in great shape right now anyway!!

That's it for now. I will try to post some pics from Lulu's party. No promises, of course!!


Alison said...

So when you do the "Space" lessons, are you up for two additional and adorable boys? Or at least Ryan? He would love it! You can send the info our way....