Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Happy 5th Birthday, Lucy!

We pulled into our driveway early, early Sunday morning - Lucy's birthday. She slept in a little but was awake and ready for donuts by 8:00.

Lucy has a sweet and funny personality. She wants to make people laugh but she is really subtle about it. She is happy 98% of the time - and rarely cries about anything.

She is a little tease - must be the middle child syndrome. She is constantly teasing Daphne and Norah. She is teaching Daphne to be a tease as well. She makes us laugh but also gets herself in trouble easily!!

I think the biggest change from last year is that Lucy has actually become more reserved in public than she used to be. She is quiet, hangs at my side and takes quite a while to warm up in a new situation. Mother's Day Out was hard for her this year. While she has a great time once she is there, she gets nervous every week. She also really doesn't like to do new things. She gets a stomachache whenever we are about to do something new or meet new friends. It has been interesting to watch this change. She is more than confident at home but just not so much out in public.

I am excited to teach Lucy next year. She isn't as serious or focused as Norah, so we will be going about things differently but I think we will have fun. We just tend to do things bigger or in a more active way.

We are so thankful for all of our girls, but every year on Lucy's birthday we spend a little extra time thanking God for breathing life into her when we didn't know if He would. I will NEVER forget those moments - wondering if she would make it and not really knowing what was going on. Thankfully, she is healthy and happy!!

Lucy wanted to have a tea party for her birthday but since we knew we would be on vacation up until her birthday we decided not to have a big party. However, we did have a little tea party - just the 5 of us.


Jackie said...

We are all so so thankful for Lucy. She is a joy to be around and keeps us on our toes! We love Lucy and are looking forward to celebrating her birthday soon!

Tonya Hache said...

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~Rockabye Butterfly~