Wednesday, February 9, 2011

What's in the Box Wednesday: Pre-K

As mentioned previously, we use the workbox system for school. Norah has a set of 9 drawers and Lucy has a set of 6.

Lucy's drawers today consisted of:

Lucy's introduction to her letters in always from Starfall. This week she is learning the letter 'k.' Lucy knows that when she has the 'computer' card in her drawer that it is time for Starfall.

handwriting - Getting Ready for K
I keep all of our handwriting pages (pre-k and kindergarten) in a binder in page protectors. Lucy uses a dry erase marker and writes directly on the page protector so we can erase them and use the pages later.

textured letter and 'k' pictures

'k' picture card page from My Father's World kindergarten curriculum

math activity - recognizing 1-6 (pretty easy for Lucy but still good to review) while
practicing 1-to-1 correspondence

Lucy's Bible verse (Bible verse card taken from here)