Friday, February 4, 2011

Snow, Snow, and More Snow

The girls have spent some fun times out in the snow this winter. About 2 snowstorms ago - Norah was concerned that it would be the last so she begged everyday to play outside. I am not a fan of the cold or snow but I will happily send the girls out with Kevin anytime. I can take pictures from the door!
Ready for the snow!

Getting ready to go for a ride!

Face plant!

I have NO idea what Lucy is doing - but this picture cracks me up!

Norah - in all her glory! She could make snow angels all day!

That is a serious amount of snow - about 10 inches, I think.

I have to add that I have good memories of my mom playing out in the snow with us. In my defense, though, she LOVES the snow. She was disappointed this week when they only got 13 inches. I am pretty sure she played in the snow while we were all at school!! Ha!


Jackie said...

So glad for the updates. The snow is beautiful especially before it is driven on and trampled on. You are right, I was so disappointed that we only got 13 inches. I also am disappointed that I haven't been able to play in it this year. If we are lucky, maybe we will get one more big snow this year and I can go out and make an angel or two. All the pics of the girls are adorable!