Friday, February 4, 2011

Sunday Field Trips

Ever since last winter when Morrison's went talked about their day at the zoo for the penguin walk, Kevin and I have tried to find a time when we could go - but with all the snow we have had this year, we knew it would have to be a spontaneous thing! We were heading downtown on Sunday anyway, so we decided to head to the zoo first. The temperature was perfect - about 41 degrees!
If you live in the St. Louis area and have not visited the zoo for the penguin walk - you HAVE to go. It is so cool! The girls were amazed that the penguins would walk right up to them!!

After the zoo - the main reason we were heading downtown - we went to the World Aquarium. I bought tickets, through Living Social (like Groupon), for buy 2 tour tickets get 2 free. I thought it sounded fun and Norah has been studying underwater life this week for school so it was the perfect field trip! This was incredible. First - we didn't know there was an aquarium inside the City Museum, but we haven't been to the City Museum in YEARS. Second - The tickets were for an actual tour and ours ended up being a private tour (I think there was supposed to be one other family with us, but they never showed). If you visit the museum - and buy tickets for the aquarium - you just walk around yourself not with a guide. Having the guide made it all worth it - even if you would pay full price. We would totally do this again even if we have to pay the $13 a person (however, we will be waiting until Daphne is a tad bit older - you will see why shortly). I can't begin to tell you how great our tour was - totally hands on. The girls were able to pet/hold/feed about 3 times the number of animals you would get to if you just pay for a visit and not the tour. Our tour was about 2 hours - and Norah and Lucy did great. They loved EVERY minute of it!! Daphne did great for a while, but since she was going on no nap - the 2 hours was a little long.

Armadillo - girls were able to feed it.

Not sure what kind of frog this is - I had to step away with Daphne at this point.

The girls each had a turn hold the lizard.

Anteater - Norah LOVED this one!

This was OBVIOUSLY the highlight of my aquarium visit (not the sarcasm).


Not sure why this is upside down - but oh well. Daphne was amazed that she could hold the starfish. Kevin is just making sure she doesn't throw it!

Norah also loved the tortoises!
These were the middle-sized ones. We saw a HUGE one later - but my pictures didn't turn out.


This guy greeted us as we walked in and Daphne kept shouting "too youd, too youd" (too loud).

Looking back at my pictures - I just realized that we didn't get many pictures of fish! Ha! We did take some but there was often a glare on the glass. They also fed several other animals but I can't remember what they were!! I know they fed a sting ray and touched a shark. Of course, we also admired all the beautiful salt water fish in the large aquariums.

If you haven't been to the St. Louis World Aquarium - you need to go. If they are offering any tours that day - I say, go for it. You will not be disappointed. Just a tip, though, do not dress warmly. It was muggy and we were all layered up for the penguin walk! Whew!


Sarah G said...

Wow, that looks so fun! We are definitely going to have to go sometime.