Sunday, April 25, 2010

15 Months

Daphne was 15 months last weekend! A lot has happened since last month! Daphne is changing and growing at record pace! She definitely has a spunky personality. She keeps us laughing.

1. She is talking a little more and trying to repeat things constantly. She barks regularly - at any animal really. Cracks us up. At the Morrison's she goes straight to the playroom, finds the frogs, and says, "Ru, ru, ru" and then she runs away with the thermometer. She barks at bunnies and birds in the backyard. Tonight Norah and Lucy were watching 101 Dalmations and Daphne was barking constantly! *as of today - Daphne says "nana" for banana. I was eating a banana this morning and she was shouting "nana" over and over until it I gave her some of my banana.

2. She can climb the steps with ease now - however, she has NO idea how to come back down. She still turns around and wants to dive straight down the steps. When the big girls are upstairs, Daphne stands at the gate, shaking it and screaming because she wants to join them.

3. Her favorite meal time activity is throwing her sippy cup. She takes a drink and throws it. This happens over and over and OVER. If I take put her cup on the table instead of her tray, she screeches. It is a fun game. . . really.

4. She loves to swing. She could swing for hours! Norah and Lucy take turns pushing her or tickling her toes and Daphne giggles and giggles.

5. She is using baby sign quite a bit now. It just sort of clicked about 2 weeks ago. She signs please, more, eat, and sort of signs cracker. We are making on banana and drink.

6. Daphne screeches all the time! She seems to get really frustrated that she can't communicate so she screeches instead.

7. Daphne is officially taking one nap a day. It was actually a smooth transition although sooner that I had hoped. She goes to bed by 7 and usually sleeps until 7. Thankfully - as busy as she is - she is a good sleeper.

8. Daphne loves to wear headbands, hats, necklaces, and bracelets. She is a girly girl - just like her sisters.

9. Daphne loves to snuggle with baby dolls and stuffed animals. She also likes to pretend to feed them and makes a slurping sound while she does.

Funny little story - last week we were at Morrison's. Daphne saw Sawyer's helmet and brought it to me - screeching at me. Not knowing exactly what she was saying - since I don't speak "screech" - I put it on her head. She took it off and screeched at me some more so I put it back on and buckled it. She smiled at me, turned around, walked over to Sawyer's scooter and tried to climb on it.

Daphne has her 15 month check up on Friday - so I will be back with stats at the end of the week.


sara luke said...

"I don't speak screech." I love it. :)