Thursday, March 18, 2010

14 Months

What?!? 14 months? Seriously, can't be possible!!!

In the last month, Daphne has gone from cautiously walking to RUNNING! Norah and Lucy are constantly chasing her and she runs away and squeals in delight!!

She still isn't saying much - mama and dada. We think she is saying ball. A couple of times when she has a ball or you tell her to get the ball, she says, "Ba." Could just be a coincidence, though.

Daphne does follow simple directions, which totally cracks us up. She seems too little to get what we are saying. She understands a lot of words, too. When we say, "blanket," she does this silly little giggle and instantly snuggles whatever is closest to her. The words that get a verbal response are food, eat, and outside.

Daphne is getting good at yelling. If someone takes something away from her, she yells - LOUD. If she is inside and wants to go out, she yells - loud. She also might drop to the floor and throw her head back - you know, just for effect. Although, as the third girl - she gets little reaction.

Daphne likes to carry things around with her. As she walks circles around our main floor, she has at least one thing in each had - more if she can handle it.

She enjoys being read to now - which is so fun! She loves the touch and feel books. Although, as of this week, pulling the books off the bookshelf is much more fun than even reading!

Daphne likes to put phones up to her ear, only it ends up more on her shoulder with her head tilted. She will use a real phone, pretend phone and sometimes the remote.

Norah and Lucy seem to think Daphne should know her body parts by now, so they work on that with her regularly. Funny to watch.

Just thought I would throw in some "day in the life" pictures. Enjoy!


Sarah G said...

She is just too cute!! And looking a lot older although she is still SO tiny. It doesn't seem like she should be climbing. Fun stuff!

Morgan Joy said...

She's a climber, isn't she? :) Love the fridge picture! I can't believe she is already 14 months old!

Jackie said...

Those pictures are adorable. I can't wait to see all the girls in person. What an blessing they are!