Sunday, March 7, 2010

That Little Tug

I will resume normal blogging soon, but I want to share something that is on my heart. I have posted several times recently about Reece's Rainbow, but I want to share today WHY this ministry has tugged at my heart strings. I mentioned my friend, Erin, first introduced me to RR a couple of months ago as her family began their adoption process. As I scrolled through the pictures - I cried. Cried for each of those precious babies who doesn't have a home, a family. They don't have a mama or dada to love on them. They don't have brothers or sisters to hug them and play with them. My girls are praying faithfully for several of these children. They pray for the girls at least 3 times a day. I often hear Lucy randomly praying for these girls all throughout the day. In less than a month 4 of the 6 girls we have been praying for now have families. Only God can do that!!

Now let me tell you about Brooke. She is one of Lucy's friends. Brooke's parents are GREAT friends of ours and Brooke's sister, Kate is one of Norah's best friends. Karen and Jeff didn't know before she was born, but Brooke has Down Syndrome. I know Karen would tell you that they are the blessed ones with Brooke in their family. She is funny, happy, and lovable. She is a favorite at school - she would have been one of my favorites, too!! What makes me mention her today is that when I first looked at the RR website I started wondering what Brooke's life would be like if she didn't have the family that she has, if she hadn't received the therapies that she has, if she didn't go to the school that she does. Thankfully, Brooke was born into an incredible family - one who loves her dearly and will always do what is best for her - no matter what the cost. She is doing incredible!! Karen just told me recently that in many areas, Brooke is developing just like other "typically developing" kids her age. Brooke is an incredible little girl and we have been blessed just to be her friends!

So, seeing her grow and thrive and love life is what makes me sad for all these children you will see on Reece's Rainbow. Even if these children were born into great families, the families have been trained that babies born with a disability are shameful. They are taught not to love them and to abandon them. Reece's Rainbow is working hard to change this mind set, but it will take time. So for now, these babies are abandoned.

Last night as I was trying to fall asleep I had a picture in my head of the story in the Bible about Jesus calling the children to Him. He didn't just say, "Let the healthy, strong, typically developing children" come to me. He said "Let the little children come unto me." All of them. All. of. them. These precious children need our help too.

James 1:27 says, "Pure and genuine religion in the sight of God the Father means caring for orphans and widows in their distress and refusing to let the world corrupt you."

Proverbs 24:12 says, "Don’t excuse yourself by saying, 'Look, we didn’t know.' For God understands all hearts, and he sees you. He who guards your soul knows you knew. He will repay all people as their actions deserve."

Like many of you, we have not been called to adopt, however, I think we are all called to help these children somehow. As part of World Down Syndrome Day, Reece's Rainbow is asking people to help ease the financial burden that adoption can bring to a family. Most of the families who are adopting through Reece's Rainbow probably can't afford it in the eyes of the world, but I know that God's plan is so much bigger. He can and will provide.

I am asking you to help little Milana today. Please help her family bring her home. Can you donate $5? $10? What about $21 for World Down Syndrome Day on March 21? Can you skip eating out one time this week and give to Reece's Rainbow instead?

In my heart I know that when I stand before God, I don't want to make excuses and say "I didn't know these children needed families or I minister in other areas or we give in other areas, we couldn't give here too." I want to stand before Him knowing in my heart that I did as He called me to do. I want to know that I am using His money to further His kingdom. Please click on the "Chip-In" button on my right side-bar and help Milana's family bring her home.


Janelle said...

I love that God has softened your heart towards these children Heather. I think that often times society tries to turn the other way & not acknowledge them until they have to for some reason or another. Sadly, they are missing out on some of God's greatest eartlhy blessings! My aunt Sheila's birthday was this past Tuesday, & I cry whenever I think that my children won't know her - she brought sunshine & happiness to everyone she met. Yes, there were hardships, but the joy far outweighted it all. Thankful for how God is working in your family's lives & prayerful that this ministry will continue to have a far-reaching impact around the world! Love you!

Chris W said...


I just wanted to say "Thank you".
I am the dad of the family that is in the homestudy process of bringing Milana home.
The support of you and others means the world to us.
We can't wait to get the little bundle of joy home.

God bless.