Saturday, April 3, 2010

Hair Cuts and Hair Do's

I finally took Daphne for her first "official" haircut (I don't think you can count the times I attempted to trim it). I took her yesterday (minus the big girls) back to the Hairy Elephant and she did great. She totally entertained everyone there. She was making funny faces and doing her "forced" laugh for everyone. So cute! Of course, they were all amazed at how much hair she has for such a tiny thing and at how well she sat for the haircut. (the pics are out of order - blogger is not letting me fix this. urg. the last pic of Daphne is the picture that I took right before the hair cut.)

I still need to take a picture of her hair after the haircut!!

Lucy needed a haircut too. Her curls were out of control! We went to the Hairy Elephant earlier in the week for a haircut. They only cut off about 1 1/2 inches, but it looks SO much better!

Norah is growing her hair. She wants to donate it to Locks for Love. Savannah and Aunt Denise have both donated their hair several times and now with my mom going through chemo, she is even more anxious to donate hers too. She is sporting a new do as she sleeps, though. We have talked before about how Alison and I would wear those sponge curlers to bed when we were little so Norah wanted to try some out tonight. We will see if she actually falls asleep, but it was fun to try!! She told me NOT to post a picture of her on the blog - sorry! If they stay in all night, I will post pics of her curly hair tomorrow!!