Thursday, November 20, 2008

What's that Sound?

Oh, it's . . silence!!  That's right - my girls are asleep - not just in bed, but actually asleep.  The girls are doing great in their bunk beds, but Norah hasn't napped since.  She has a rest time either in my room or in the baby's room - but she is busy coloring and writing.  Every once in a while she has seemed tired, but she won't give up and fall asleep.  

Norah had multiple meltdowns today and actually has bags under her eyes, so both girls were in bed by 6:45.  Hopefully, this will help Norah catch up on sleep.  Lucy goes to bed by 7 every day anyway, so 15 minutes doesn't make much of a difference.  


Unknown said...

I remember the good ole days when all four of you were in bed by 7:00. It was wonderful! I hope the extra sleep helps both of the girls to feel better. (and that mommy can get some extra rest also)