Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Bunk Beds

Between computer issues and just feeling too tired, I haven't blogged about anything fun recently.  So here we go!  The girls are in their "new" bunk beds!  We bought them off of Craigslist a couple of months ago.  They were a light wood which I probably could have learned to like, but the great (and handy) husband that I have knew that I had my heart set on white.  He spend the last several weekends stripping, sanding, priming and painting - and they look fabulous!  He did a great job!

We debated whether to put the girls to bed at the same time or put one down earlier and one later.  Typically, Lucy talks/sings herself to sleep (this has been her routine ever since she could carry a tune) and Norah falls asleep instantly.  It doesn't seem right to put Norah to bed first, since she is older, but if we put Lucy to bed first, it could take a LONG time for her to fall asleep.  So, we have put them to bed at the same time and so far it is working great.  The first night both girls were exhausted so they both fell asleep right away and they both slept until 7 (unusual for Lucy - her typical time was 6:15 or 6:30).  The second night Lucy was singing and we heard one loud "SHHHH" from Norah (we temporarily put the monitor in their room - mostly for our own entertainment).  Lucy continued to sing, but both girls drifted off fairly quickly.  Last night, they giggled and talked for about 20 minutes.  At one point Norah was singing and when she stopped, Lucy said, "Norah, do that again."  Kevin went up one time to remind them that it was bedtime -  and we didn't hear another peep.  7:00 has been their wake-up time this week - I love that!

So far so good.  I know we will have some nights that aren't so great, but I am happy with how well they are doing for now.

Naptime has been a little more difficult partly because Lucy is so excited to be in a new bed.  I have to take the ladder to the top bunk out of the room during naptime.  Lucy won't stay off of Norah's bed and this morning she had actually climbed on the outside of the rail to the top bunk.  Next thing I know she will be jumping from Norah's bed to her bed. Ha!

I realize that my pics don't actually show the beds - just proof that they are sleeping.  I will try to get a picture of the beds to post.


Kyle Luke said...

When my sister and I were that age, we shared a room and those are some of my first (and best) memories!

ErinL said...

My boys share a room with bunk beds. They have been given the option many times to split but they have no desire. Bunk beds are great for making forts too!

Anonymous said...

Kevin- I suddenly like reading stories about little girls...we just had one 7 weeks ago. ( ) I had heard you were in the Lou, are you still? You have a beautiful family, it's great to see you're doing well. -Greg Vest