Monday, November 10, 2008


While I have several fun things to post about (Norah is no longer sucking fingers!  We moved girls into their new bunkbeds!) I am too tired to upload pictures and write a lot.  However, I could use some advice.  Lucy has totally regressed when it comes to the potty training.  She is having accidents all the time - not even just one a day.  She is probably having more accidents than she is actually going on the potty.  If I remind her then she will go (although today I was helping her pull her pants down to sit on the potty and she peed right there on the floor), but if it is up to her - like at MDO, Bible study, or church, she just goes in her pants.  She also doesn't seem to care - she actually laughs when she sees that I am frustrated!  She has also started going in her car seat and tells me after the fact - even after she just sat on the potty before we left.  Yesterday we were going to Kevin's brother's - about 40 minutes away.  We had to stop about 20 minutes in so she could go potty.  She had been holding it for hours if we were in the car. 

I realize that it is totally normal after a new baby comes that she would regress - I just didn't think it would happed before.  Although, she talks often about being the baby and says "That baby is your belly be the big kid."  
Anyway, anyone have any advice?  Being so tired doesn't help my attitude about it, but it is driving me crazy!!


Kyle Luke said...

I have zero advice in this area, but I just started a post titled "regression" because Jack's been walking for seven months but spent the whole afternoon CRAWLING today.

Maybe it's something in the air.

Krys said...

Hey Heather,
The best way to deal with situations like this is to use positive reinforcement (much like actual potty training). Offer her a tangible reward at the end of the day (cookie?) and put a sticker on the calendar if she can make it the whole day without an accident. If she is capable of changing herself when she has an accident, have her do it herself (especially if you are at home). That way she is not getting extra attention for her bad behavior. All the literature says positive reinforcement works wonders :). Good luck!

Melissa (aka Kitty) said...

I'm sure we're headed right in the same direction. Perfect timing on this issue. Thank you soooo much for the dinner last night. We were making a grocery list when Kevin called. So grateful. If you're in the city soon, call me anytime. We will be home.