Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Sleep Issues

What parent of young children has not dealt with sleep issues? We went through it with Norah and I think we are going through it with Lucy. Lucy has been in her big girl bed for almost 2 months. She has done great. While she did get out of bed, she stayed in her room and would crawl back in bed to fall asleep. At naptime, she didn't even get out of bed - she usually went right to sleep. Her naps have gotten shorter and shorter - but she can't make it through the evening. She has been GRUMPY. Lucy is constantly saying, "me so tiyerd." Besides the shortened naps, it is taking her forever to fall asleep at night. She talks and talks for up 1 1/2 hours.
Well, yesterday was the first day that she didn't take a nap. She kept coming out of her room, so I put up a gate, but she just stood at the gate hollering. Norah was irritated because she wanted to take a nap - she is still recovering from our late night at the Muny. I tried laying with Lucy - but she thinks it is a game. She tries to open my eyelids, she pokes my cheek, pulls my hair, or just climbs all over me. I finally convinced her to stay in her room and just play (I just needed a break). I thought she might eventually fall asleep, but not so much.
By the time Kevin got home last night, Lucy was a BEAR! She cried all through dinner and cried as I put her to bed. She was miserable! Thankfully, she fell asleep fairly close to 7. She was awake, though, by 6:20. Her typical sleeping pattern is 7 p.m. to 7:30 a.m. with an hour and a half nap.
We'll see what today holds.