Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Does it Count?

Does the exercise count when my 4 year old and 2 year old are helping? I have been trying to exercise at least every other day. I usually get up early and go to the gym or on a walk before Kevin leaves for work. Obviously, I am a little extra tired these days so it is getting harder and harder to get up early. I have the Denise Austin Fit & Firm Pregnancy DVD. It is not great (mainly because Denise Austin can be REALLY annoying), but it is something to do when I don't get up early.
Today, however, the girls wanted to join me - quite funny watching them attempt to do the aerobic steps. I had to remind Lucy to move over to the side or she was going to get bumped into. She would respond, "But Mom, I esercising too."
Norah kept asking, "Is this right, Mom? Am I doing this right?" She also wanted me to pause the dvd a couple of times to show her the steps again.
The strength training part was even funnier. Basically, Denise Austin stands behind/beside the girls who are doing to exercises and pointing to their muscles or describing what they are doing. Norah just stood behind me and copied Denise. I was cracking up while trying to do the leg lifts because Norah basically lifted my leg for me.
Well, even it it wasn't the best workout ever, I can at least say I exercised today.


Amanda said...

Ahh yes good ole Denise Austin!!! The girls and I have "worked out" (if that's what you call it) to many of her DVD's. :) "Burnin butter" does she say that in any of your videos?

Katie said...

Good for you.....I can't believe you're that ambitious to exercise and have two toddlers and being pregnant! WOW!!

**How's the morning sickness going? Still in the clear?**

Heather S. said...

Still feeling great and since I am almost 14 weeks along - I'm hoping to feel this way the rest of the pregnancy!! Thanks for asking!