Sunday, November 27, 2011

Lucy's Story

One of my favorite things about having a kindergartner is the inventive spelling! I love watching a child's reading/writing skills emerge in the very beginning! Lucy is totally into writing right now. Usually we get a sentence or two here and there, but today she actually wrote a story and was quite proud of herself.

See if you can figure out what she wrote.

Need some help?

"I bought a monkey. It was crazy. I didn't know what to do so I put him in the store. He was sad so I bought him again."


itsmemamia said...

wow i actually did read the 2nd and last lines..haha ..LOVE that story !! ..<3

Jared, Lana, Morgan, and Kelsey said...

I was able to actually read the whole thing without help! 8 years of being a first grade teacher gave me lots of practice! Don't you just love what they come up with? So cute!!!!