Sunday, July 17, 2011

Just a Little Behind

I know I am a little behind my "weekly check-ins"- oops. This summer has been CRAZY!! Fun, but crazy!! We have had multiple birthday parties and lots of play-dates!! And the weather has finally gotten HOT so we are spending as much time in/near water as we can.

We are starting school in just over 3 weeks so I am planning/preparing like crazy - literally every spare minute. Adding Lucy into the mix is making me feel a little overwhelmed! Not adding her - but adding one more. I know we can do it but it may take a little longer to get into a good routine. What does Norah do while I am working one on one with Lucy and vice versa? What will Daphne do while I am working with Norah and Lucy at the same time? Last year, Lucy was a huge help by playing with Daphne while I worked with Norah on things that she needed my undivided attention. Like I said, I know we will figure it out but we may need to work out some kinks.

Oh, and I also have been trying to organize our school stuff in our unfinished part of the basement. A year ago Kevin put up an old countertop at the girls level to make an art table. I thought that it would be so fun to have an art table in the unfinished part so I don't have to worry about paint getting on anything. We hung some shelves and I began organizing - a year ago. Then the counter became a gathering place for stuff. This is what it looked like when I started (let me warn you - it is BAD):

It is almost done - but we have a large box in the middle of the floor now (another project). I will take after pictures soon, but let me just say that Norah and Lucy have spent several hours back there already!! I am so excited for them to just be able to create!!

Besides all the planning that I am doing, we are trying to take advantage of our last couple of weeks of summer. Lots of fun to be had!!


Jackie said...

I am glad you are all enjoying the summer. The girls are so cute in their swim suits. I am anxious to see the finished craft room!