Sunday, July 17, 2011

An Early Birthday Celebration

My sweet little niece turns 4 in early August. Because of the chaos of everyone's summer schedules, the best date to celebrate with her (with ALL the cousins) was early July. So my niece and nephews, my mom, my grandma, my sil, and my sister all came to our house for a little party. It is hard to believe that she is turning 4 - seems like she was just born. She is a doll and we loved celebrating with her!!!

The glasses are courtesy of my grandma.


Sarah G said...

Ok, I love your new picture on here. All the girls look beautiful and are smiling at the same time. :) That is no small feat! Way to go! :)

Jackie said...

I love the new picture you have at the top of your blog. You can really tell they are sisters. They look so much alike in this picture. It was so much fun having all the cousins together even if it was only for a couple of hours! They all play so well together and enjoy each other. The cupcakes you made were adorable. Thanks for having the party.