Saturday, August 21, 2010


We are trying to get into a routine here - which has been . . .interesting. School with Norah takes longer than it did last year (obviously) and now adding Lucy into the mix - all while keeping Daphne entertained - making my day seem crazier than I expected. School is going well, I am just not getting much else done each day. (I should add here that we also had a major house project going on here - think carpeting torn up for about week and wood floors going in).

Anyway, my mom was asking for pictures and since I don't really have time for any lengthy blog posts - this is just going to be pictures!

As we were tearing apart the main floor - we had all our furniture in the kitchen. Daphne decided to hide under the piano.

Lucy - at the Little Gym

Norah - watching Lucy at the Little Gym

Our first week of school we were studying Creation so the girls were using playdoh to make something from each day of Creation.
Lucy working hard.
Norah's horse and Lucy's reindeer and giraffe.
Norah's cardinal and flamingo.

Daphne coloring - she is really concentrating!


ErinL said...

We were HUGE Little Gym fans! Both of our boys did it for years. I spent many hours looking through that glass window! Do Mark and MaryLee still own it? If you see them tell them the Loraine's said Hi! Oh and Norah's hair is getting so long!

Sarah G said...

Ok, so you totally fooled me. When I saw pictures as the title I thought you were going to show pics of your renovations. :)
Looks like you and the girls are having a lot of fun during your school days. Great idea to use play doh for creation.
I'm sure we will all find our new back to school grooves here soon!

Heather S. said...

Erin - Lucy loved the Little Gym - but it is a bit pricey so we are taking a break from it. Mark and Marylee do still own it!
Norah is growing her hair out to donate to Locks for Love. She has about 1 1/2 - 2 inches to go if she wants it to be between her chin and shoulders when they cut it.

Sarah - I do need to post pics of the house, but we have a few more things to do before I post them!! I am hoping to get into a groove soon!!

Jared, Lana, Morgan, and Kelsey said...

Wow. You seem busy. I'm tired for you! Hey, thanks for the Quirky Momma link. Found some cool ideas!

Jackie said...

Thanks for the pictures, Heather. It is neat to see them busy with their school work. Isn't technology great? Hopefully once I get my strength back I can see the kids in person a little more often, but this is a great substitute.