Monday, June 28, 2010

June 28

So. . . . I didn't take any pictures today.

Our day started out at 5:20 - Lucy decided that was an appropriate time to get up for the day. That didn't go over well. She is getting up earlier and earlier and I have no idea what to do about it. If we send her back to bed, she ends up waking Norah and then eventually, Daphne. I do not want this to become a habit. I am open to suggestions!!!

The girls had swim lessons this morning and they are doing great!!!

Knowing that it was going to be a long day, we invited ourselves over to the Morrison's pool for the afternoon. Poor Heather - besides inviting myself to her pool, she also usually helps with at least one of my kids. Her kids are fish - seriously, it is amazing. Mine - not so much. Well, Daphne thinks she is a fish, but since she isn't it is a little tricky to keep a hand on her and help Norah and Lucy swim. I totally should have taken my camera, but I forgot. The kids had a blast!! We were there for several hours, and then we headed to the library for a quick visit, then home. The kids were exhausted and crashed by 7.

Hopefully, Lucy will sleep later tomorrow morning!!


heather said...

You can invite yourself anytime! Seriously, I actually get kind of bored at the pool sometimes because my kids are just always off swimming and playing with friends. I don't feel like I can really truly relax and read (I've brought a book with me for the last three weeks and only made it about 40 pages) because I need to still keep half an eye on Sawyer. It's always hit or miss on whether there are neighbors there I know, so it's fun to bring someone I can chit chat with!

The water was great today... it was quite a bit lower than yesterday and Sawyer could pretty much touch in the whole shallow end of the T. Norah would have been all over the place with SJ!
It was nice in the water and just right to sit out in the sun and not be too hot. LOVE these lower humidity days this week!!

Can't wait to swim with you guys again!