Thursday, June 17, 2010

17 Months

What?!? Did I really just right 17 months? Well, it is the truth. Daphne is 17 months and SO much of a toddler!! Here are a few updates:

1. Daphne is signing all the time now. She has added all done, thank you, and milk to the list of signs. She signs please in any and every situation. If she wants something she isn't supposed to have she signs please, if she wants something someone else has, she signs please, etc. It is hard telling her no sometimes because she is so cute when she signs!!

2. So in addition to mama, dada, nana (for banana), ba (ball) and ruru (her barking), Daphne now says rah rah (for Norah), bubbu (bubbles), bipa (long i - as she is saying diaper), meme (mine), and dow (down). I am guessing that I am missing some - but those are the most common words she says.

3. Daphne can now come down the stairs quite confidently. She sits on her bottom, scoots to the top step and scoots down on her bottom one step at a time. She is quite proud of herself when she gets to the bottom.

4. Thankfully, Daphne is not screeching so much, but she really wants her voice to be heard. If Norah or Lucy are talking, Daphne seems to think she needs to be talking as well. She just repeats the words she does know over and over so we all can hear her.

5. Daphne can throw. Seriously, that girl has an arm!! She can throw a ball - probably further than her sisters can even now! She is constantly throwing toys, food, etc. and whatever she throws, flies across the room!!

6. Kevin and I joke that Daphne does everything with a purpose. When she is done eating, she signs all done and then before we can get to her, she launches her food across the kitchen. If you tell her to sit down, she FLOPS to her bottom. If you ask her to set something down, she slams it down.

7. Just as of this week, Daphne has started hitting. Urgh. Not a fun stage to be in. She will hit Norah or Lucy for no reason. She seems awfully young to be hitting so much - but with 2 sisters, she mimics their behaviors.