Friday, February 12, 2010

Such the Slacker!!

Wow! I am clearly going through a blogging dry spell!

A lot has gone on in the last several weeks - not all good stuff, some that is really hard to talk about, and lots of the normal everyday school/play stuff.

The not good stuff - I'll start by mentioning that in the last several weeks all 3 girls have been to the doctor and/or ER. Norah and Daphne have ear infections and Norah and Lucy have been wheezing - which means TONS of breathing treatments! Daphne has the same icky cough, but I have had the doctor listen to Daphne multiple times and so far she isn't wheezing!

The hard to talk about stuff - My mom was diagnosed in early January with breast cancer. A lot has happened since then - multiple surgeries already and now she is gearing up for a mastectomy the end of the month. This all came to a shock to us and to the doctors, but while I know this is all hard for her, she is an incredible example to others. Her faith is strong - I have heard her say several times that she knows God has a plan and she is trusting in Him to give her strength.

The normal, everyday stuff - School is going well. Norah is doing great! We started a new math curriculum (I had put together my own kindergarten curriculum, but we had finished it by Christmas) called Singapore Math. We are doing level 1A - I love it so far!! Lots of hands on stuff and a few workbook pages (which Norah enjoys as long as it isn't everyday). We just finished up a bunch of winter/snow activities and we are now learning about the human body right now - about a 5 week unit.

Lucy has all of the sudden learned all of her letters. I'm sure this had a lot to do with it, but she also is with us when Norah does school. I think she is picking up a lot more than I realized!!

Daphne is a spit-fire. She is full of life - laughing and screeching at her sisters all day long!! She still prefers to crawl but she can walk. She will walk across the room if she thinks no one is watching her, but as soon as she notices someone watching she falls to the ground and crawls. She has been a little bit of a mess since she doesn't feel well. She wants to be held constantly - which I am trying to take advantage of while she is little, but my house is falling apart at the seams!!

I have been making aprons like crazy recently. Several people have contacted me about buying them - I love it!! I am contemplating starting at etsy store. Hmmm.

This weekend is going to be sort of low-key. Norah is cheering tomorrow and we have some projects to do but otherwise we are hoping to just have some family time!!


sara luke said...

YES! Start an etsy store. I think that's a great idea.

I can imagine that it's tough keeping up with the day to day stuff when you've got so much on your mind. I've been praying for your mom (and you!) ever since I got your e-mail the other day.