Saturday, April 18, 2009

3 Months

Daphne was 3 months yesterday!  She is changing and growing daily - too fast, it seems!!  Highlights from the last several weeks:

She weighs 10 1/2 pounds
She is batting at toys hanging above her.  This is a favorite activity right now - no matter how fussy she is, I can lay Daphne under something with hanging toys and she is instantly happy!  
When on her back, Daphne reaches out and grabs onto anything within reach.
She laughed for the first time this week - at Lucy (funny because when Lucy laughed for the first time, it was at Norah).
She tracks the big girls with her eyes.  She is starting to twist her body around to see them.  
When given a bottle, Daphne drinks 3-4 ounces - but she takes FOREVER!!  It may take an hour to drink 4 ounces - even with a #2 Avent bottle nipple. 
6pm - 7pm  is her fussiest time! 
She is blowing bubbles all the time - Norah and Lucy think this is hilarious!
She is coos and oohs and aahs quite a bit when she is one on one with Kevin or me.
She is sleeping from about 7:30 p.m. to 6:30 straight!!!!  This is by far the BEST accomplishment!!


Alison said...

from ryan...




Morgan Joy said...

Ahh. I remember the 6-7 fussy hour. But 11 hours at night!!! WooHoo! Go Daphne!

Gina said...

Hey heather, just wanted to repsond to your comment about the paci/finger sucking. I've been telling myself that if she starts sucking a finger(s) that it's ok with me and that we'll just break the habit by age 5 (I enjoyed reading about how it worked with Norah). I want Eva to figure out how to soothe herself and would rather her sleep not be disrupted by a missing paci. I am a little nervous hearing about how hard it's been for you guys, but am encouraged that Norah has been able to break the habit (still no finger sucking with her, right?). Anyway, if we need some advice about breaking any future habits, you will be the first I person I ask for help!!! Daphne is so cute and I'm glad she's been sleeping well (atleast at night ;)).


Anonymous said...

Daphne is so sweet - I love her little smile :) I agree - the sleeping accomplishment is the best one by far! We also think that is Landon's best accomplishement, too.