Monday, April 13, 2009

Happy Easter

We had a very nice, relaxing Easter - which was great after a very busy weekend.  Alison and the boys came to church with us and then came to our house for dinner.  The kids had a great time hunting Easter eggs and playing! 

Lucy didn't really want to smile - not sure why because she had been a good mood all morning.  Check out their cute dresses from Grandma Jackie!  They loved matching!!


Jackie said...

The girls look so sweet in their new Easter dresses. Ryan and Will told me they had sooooooooo much fun with their cousins. I'm glad you girls live close enough that you can get together.

Amanda said...

What a great family picture!!! Tell Kev I sat with his G-ma Bobbie at breakfast on Sunday morning...she looked great!

jdiehl said...

Your family picture is really good! I remember my younger sister & I had "twin" church dresses a couple times--our older sister was enough older not to want to be "triplets"!