Sunday, February 8, 2009

Comparison Pictures

Here is a picture of Norah's crazy hair and Daphne's crazy hair.  The only difference is that Norah is about 6 weeks old and Daphne is only 3 weeks old.  Daphne's hair is darker, thicker and longer at an earlier age.  I can only hope that it lays down sooner than Norah's did!!  

Now for comparing all 3 girls at the same age:


Nicole said...

oh my gosh. i knew that daphne was virtually a clone of norah! lovin' that hair.

Kelli said...

wow...i think that all 3 look alike. adorable!

jdiehl said...

What beautiful pictures!! Those 2 "hair shots" at the top--hilarious in their identicalness (I don't think that's a word!)!! The "hairdo" reminds me of how Jack Henry started out with that crazy, fuzzy "mohawk"!

The 3 comparison shots--wow, they just all look alike to me, esp. the Lucy & Daphne poses! Unbelievable how they all start out with that dark hair!

Jackie said...

What beautiful babies and to think they are all my grand daughters. I need to find a picture of you, Heather, about that age. I'm pretty sure they look a lot like you!