Monday, January 26, 2009

Just another post

Lucy seems to be on the upswing of things.  We went back to the doctor and her ears are clear so after her medicine giving her a RAW, blistery bottom we can hopefully get her back to normal.  Hopefully we will get some pics of all 3 girls together this week!!  

Daphne is doing great.  We think she is adorable, of course.  She is so tiny - I forgot how tiny newborns are!!  She is a good eater - pretty consistently every 3 hours.  She must have been born with my obsessive/compulsive scheduling personality! LOL!  We are tired, just from getting up at night.  Thankfully, the grandparents have been a huge help!  My parents left on Saturday and Kevin's came Saturday night.  The big girls have had lots of attention!!  I think Daphne might be a spitter - to be confirmed at the weeks go on.  She had spit up some for the first week and today she spit up quite a bit!  Brings back memories of Norah - once she started, she didn't stop until she was one!!  

I am feeling better - still sore, but that is to be expected after a c-section.  I am getting anxious to get back to normal!!  Ready to get back to my trainer and start exercising!  I can start walking slowly next week, but can't do any vigorous exercise until my 6 week post partum check.  Luckily I am down 20 pounds already  - just have to get some shape back!!

Norah is doing well.  I think she is in need of some normal routine!  We will try to get back into the school routine a little next week.  She ADORES her baby sister.  She says multiple times in a day "She is just so cute!"  Today she asked me, "Is that all you do - feed that baby?"  Umm, yep, for a while now!


ErinL said...

So glad to hear things are going well. I loved Norah's comment about feeding the baby! Can't wait to see more pictures!