Monday, April 28, 2008

Weekend in Morton

We spent the weekend at my parents. My cousin, Krystal, was in town from Portland, so we went to see her while she was in town. Sadly, I didn't take any pictures!! Krystal took some* (can you email me a few - if you get a chance?), but I didn't even get my camera out of the car. The girls acted terribly shy at first, but by the time we finished lunch on Saturday, they had more than warmed up to everyone!! We had a great time catching up with my cousins!
We also spent a lot of time with my brothers, Rick and Max, my sister-in-law Denise, and my niece, Contessa. Contessa is a doll and really seems to adore Norah and Lucy. Norah is at a fun age to actually play with and try to entertain (or so she tries) Contessa. Contessa's favorite game is Patty-cake. It is SOOO cute.
Lucy doesn't sleep that well away from home - she is getting too long for the pack 'n play, but I don't think we are ready to switch her to a big girl bed yet. So, because of her lack of sleep, she was incredibly grumpy today. At one point (after we dropped Norah off at school) she was in the back she shouting, "Grumpy, grumpy, grumpy!" She also had about 7 or 8 pee pee accidents today! She hasn't had more than 1 accident in a day in a couple of months. After the first 2, I put her on the potty instead of waiting for her to tell me, and she was still having accidents. She doesn't seem to care if she is soaking wet! Hopefully, tomorrow with be a better day.
Anyway, I also do not sleep well away from home so I am off to bed!

*Pictures from Krystal!

Lucy & Norah took a while to warm up to all my cousins.

My cute niece, Contessa!

Grandma and Krystal


Krys said...

I would love to send you pictures, but I need to make sure I have your current e-mail address! E-mail me: