Tuesday, February 26, 2008

She's the Boss!

As I mentioned in my previous post, Norah was a little grumpy today. On the days when one of the girls is grumpy, they struggle to get along with each other. Today they fought over the little people. Norah gets the people set up into a school or church setting - she makes them talk to each other and has this make-believe story going. As soon as Lucy notices, she goes right over to Norah and either knocks everything down or snatches something away. Norah then freaks out and screams at Lucy and hits or pushes her. They both end up going to their rooms for bedroom time.
This went on multiple times and no matter what I did or said, the girls could not get along. I finally decided that they needed to be separated so I sent Norah to the basement to play. I was working on dinner and I just wanted 20 minutes without fighting. Now let me say that our basement is not a dungeon. Most of the toys (except the little people) are downstairs. Norah starts to go downstairs, but cries that she doesn't want to go down. I verbalized to Norah that I just wanted her to play downstairs while I finished dinner. She stands about halfway down the stairs crying, "But I don't want to stay downstairs all day! I don't want to be down here all day!"
Lucy was standing at the top of the stairs yelling back in this mean drill sergeant voice "ALL DAY! ALL DAY!"
As if Lucy makes the rules, Norah yells back, "No - not all day!" To which Lucy again yells, "ALL DAY!"
I must admit that I was cracking up - which probably just encouraged Lucy. I just couldn't help myself.


Alison said...

Love that Lucy thinks she's in charge! She will go far!

Dan and Amanda said...

LOVE IT!!!! Sounds like an afternoon with the Laughlin girls. :)