Friday, January 4, 2008

Norah Quote 4

Getting Norah ready for bed the last few days has been a struggle. She wants to do everything herself - jammies on, brush teeth, etc -which is great, except she gets very frustrated if something doesn't go her way. When she is tired the frustration turns into a crying fest. Several nights this week I told her that she wasn't going to get any stories at bedtime if she freaked out again. I told her that her actions were showing me how tired she is and she must be too tired for a story.
Tonight - same old story, she was getting frustrated when she couldn't get her jammies on. Kevin told her he would help if she needed it, but she had a meltdown. When I told her that she wasn't getting a story, she said, "Then I am NEVER, EVER reading stories again!"



Nicole said...

oooohhh, Luke HATES it when I tell him that his actions are telling me that he's tired. He always comes back with a screeching "no they're not!" hmmm, really? You think?

Krys said...

It sounds like you have one very independent little girl!