Saturday, January 19, 2008

Beware - Potty Training in Progress

I decided to give it a try. Lucy is in underwear. She was all day yesterday, too. She had 4 pee pee accidents - which isn't horrible - I think Norah had about 12 her first day. Lucy waited until naptime, when she had a diaper on, to go poopy. I am using Nicole's technique of setting the timer - more for myself to remember to take Lucy potty. We'll see how it goes.

I will leave you with this - Lucy in her underwear
and no pants, sitting in the rubbermaid container,
holding Elmo and wearing a baby doll hat.
Wish me luck - we may need it with this crazy one!
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The Smith Family said...

Good Luck!! We are (or should I say I)in the process of potty training Jaylie. I love reading Nicole and your blogs, I don't feel so alone. No accidents today!YEAH!!

Unknown said...

Like mother, like daugher... Isn't it you who insisted at 18 months to sit on the potty because your big sister was sitting on the potty...