Monday, August 6, 2007

Our New Niece!!!

We have a new niece! Contessa Isidora Leitch!! Since Max and Denise are in Morton, Illinois we won't see her for a few days, but my mom says she is beautiful!! She seems to have her mommy's Latino coloring with curly, jet black hair! Yah!!! After laboring through the night and most of the day, then pushing for 2 hours, Denise had to have a c-section. The doctor cut into her bladder - so her recovery will be longer that usual! Denise wasn't due until the 17th and her parents are flying in from Chile on Friday. Please pray for a speedy recovery so that she may enjoy her time with her parents. (Since they live so far away, Denise usually only sees her parents every year and a half or so).

Norah is so excited to add cousin number 5 to the family!
I will post pictures as soon as I get some from my parents!!!!