Saturday, August 11, 2007

Friday with Friends

Yesterday, the girls and I spent the morning at Aaron & Alisha Cobb's. Micah is almost 3 months old and so cute. Lucy couldn't get enough of him! Norah kept busy with a project Alisha had out for her. It is always fun to catch up with friends when we have the chance. We left their house about lunchtime so we met Kevin at First Watch to eat. Eating out is often a challenge, as I have stated inprevious blogs, but yesterday the girls did great! One old man stopped by our table and told us he thought the girls were very well behaved! It is nice to hear that every once in a while.
Norah and Kevin went to the park early this morning, then to Trader Joes, and Kevin's office. Norah seemed to enjoy her one-on-one time with Kevin.


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