Sunday, June 3, 2012

A Day in Forest Park

After a week of crazy hot temperatures, we had several days of beautiful 65-75 degree weather.  Not typical for June in St. Louis, but we will take it!  With perfect temperatures, we wanted to get the girls to the zoo.  Our spring was so busy, I think this is just our third trip this year!!!  Gasp!

We went to church last night so we could head to the zoo first thing this morning.  We left the house around 7:30, grabbed breakfast at Panera Bread, and headed to Forest Park.  The zoo was not busy this morning at all - it was so nice!  We spent about 4 hours at the zoo when we could tell the girls had hit a wall.  They were hungry and tired so we headed to the car.

We packed lunches to eat while we were still in Forest Park  - this was met with some resistance until the girls saw where we were eating.  We spread out blankets and parked it on Art Hill.  The girls ate quickly and then ran up and down the hill - completely wearing themselves out (although no on napped on the way home).

 The lion looked as if he was posing for us!! 
 DJ had to have her sunglasses on - she panicked if she couldn't find them!
 I think the peacock was the highlight of the day - AMAZING!  He would turn one direction for people to get pictures and then he would slowly turn the other way - as if he was modeling or something. 

 You may notice that there are no pictures of Lucy on the carousel.  She, ummm, freaks out on the carousel - always has.  We make her ride, but I sat with her on a bench.  
Typical train ride.
 Picnic on Art Hill 
While I am still in denial that Daphne gave up her naps so early, it is nice that we don't have to rush home so we don't mess up her nap time.  The girls are anxious to go back and spend more time in Forest Park!!


ErinL said...

We were in Forest Park today too! The Down Syndrome walk was in the Muny parking lot. I had to laugh at your comment about the carousel. Clayton also would never go on one of those unless he was sitting on the bench! He still prefers the bench but he is a sensory avoiding child so I can see how that would be too much. My boys both got rid of naps at 2...sigh...

Janelle Swinigan said...

I love your blog.