Monday, May 3, 2010


Over the last couple of years I have been inspired by Heather M. and her cakes. We decided to make an attempt at a fondant cake for Daphne's birthday and since it went fairly well, we made one for Norah and Lucy's birthday's as well.

Here they are:

As much as I would like to take ALL the credit for the cakes, I can't. Kevin actually helped a lot! He did the hardest part - covering the cakes with one piece of fondant. I decorated the top of the cakes. After this weekend, Kevin said he is glad the girls birthdays are over for the year - no more fondant for a while!!


Keepin' Up with the Kilgores said...

I'm impressed! You should do a "how to" post! :)

Jackie said...

The cakes are adorable. Sorry we missed Lucy's party. Tell Kevin you guys can make me one for my birthday in February.

Sarah G said...

Heather, those turned out fantastic. They look great. You and Kevin could always have a side business as cake decorators. :)

sara luke said...

Those are AWESOME!