Saturday, October 6, 2007

Playing Catch-up

Not a whole lot going on here. Norah had school and dance this week - her friend, Savannah, joined her dance class! Norah is very excited about that! She still loves school - we are so thankful for that. Lucy doesn't seem to know what to do without Norah. Playing with Mommy isn't as fun as playing with her big sister!!
Wednesday, after school, the girls and I met my friend, Cherie and 2 of her kids, Macy and Dawson (they are on cycle break) at the park. Norah loves playing with Macy (I think she's 8). Macy was very sweet to play with Norah - she will make a great babysitter someday!
Thursday morning we headed to the Diehl's to visit baby Jack. He was born on Sept. 26. He is a cutie - just like his brothers!!
Friday, the girls and I just hung out at home. I tried to do some laundry and clean a little, but I also just played with the girls! I am so thankful to be at home with them!
This morning we went to a birthday party at Fort Zumwalt Park. The girls had a blast, but were more than ready to crash in their beds when we got home!
The rest of the day should be just hanging out and relaxing!!!!!