Monday, July 30, 2007

A Whirlwind Weekend

Wow! It seems like every weekend goes by so quickly, especially when we are out of town! We are glad to be home, but we had a nice weekend. The girls had fun with Grandma Linda and Grandpa Ed. We basically played and played and played! Kevin and I went out for dinner and did a little shopping on Friday night. It is so nice to go out and not have to pay a babysitter!!!

We went to see Kevin's grandma on Saturday and Lucy all of the sudden started repeating whole words!! Grandma Bobbie always has little cookies for the kids - Lucy kept saying "cookie, cookie" and signing "please." She said bell and pizza. We'll see if she continues to say some of those words.

The girls played in the little wading pool in Ed & Linda's backyard. Lucy preferred playing on the outside reaching in.

Kevin and his dad went to the Brickyard 400 yesterday. There were a lot of cautions making the race take awhile, so we headed home a little later than we had thougt. We made it, though! We got home about 10:00. The girls traveled very well, considering Norah didn't sleep and Lucy only slept about an hour!!