Friday, March 18, 2011

Some Daphne Funnies

Daphne: After getting her dressed, she looked down at her outfit, rubbed her belly and said, "Cute."

Daphne likes to pray and often shouts "me!" when someone else is praying. Her prayers usually go something like this, "God: Mommy, bear. Daddy, bear. Rah-rah, bear. Si-si, bear" and then she repeats this a time or 2.

Our girls just adore our babysitter, Gaby. I have to agree - she is wonderful. She takes really good care of the girls and plays all kinds of great things with them. The best part is that she loves Jesus and my girls know it and see it every time she comes over (Gaby's whole family is wonderful! They are a HUGE blessing to us all the time). Anyway, Gaby was on spring break this week so she came over for a few hours on Wednesday. Literally, as soon as we walked in the door from picking her up, Daphne was saying, "bye, mommy. bye, mommy." She was quite anxious for me to leave!! So much better than the crying Norah used to do whenever we left her!

Last night as I was putting Daphne to bed, I told her we were going to pray. She said, "Gaby?" I told her we could pray for Gaby. As I started praying, I was thanking God for our day and praying for Norah, Lucy and Daphne and Daphne was shouting, "No, Gaby, Mom!" over and over until I actually prayed for Gaby. Apparently, I was supposed to pray for her first.

Today, we were getting shoes and jackets on to run to the grocery and the library. Daphne says, "Gaby?" I told her no so she said, "Gaby, now." Then as we were driving to the grocery, she says, "Gaby, hug. Gaby, hug."

Daphne's little friend, Adler, comes over sometimes on Fridays. His parents have been on spring break so we haven't seen him for a couple of weeks. Today, Daphne says, "Ladler, cuuuute. Mommy, Ladler, cute?"

Daphne has started stomping up the stairs. It is quite amusing to watch a tiny 2 year old try to stomp up the stairs. She usually shouts at us "Room!" or "Stomp!" just to make sure we know what she is doing!!


Nicole said...

I would die laughing listening to her stomp up the stairs with the narrative!

piliana72 said...
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The Family Stone said...

How cute! My 20 month old does the same thing with the stairs! Enjoyed reading about your sweet girls!