Saturday, August 2, 2008

Piggy Bank

This morning we took the girls to Cracker Barrel for breakfast. At one point I had to take Lucy to the bathroom. While we were gone, the waitress brought the check and this was the conversation between Kevin and Norah:

Kevin: Are you going to pay today?

Norah: No

Kevin: Well, you spent all my money yesterday (Norah and I went shopping). I think you should pay.

Norah: I didn't bring my piggy bank.

Kevin: Why not?

Norah: 'Cause that would be silly.

Later on in the day the girls and I went shoe shopping with my sister. She works at the home office and gets a decent discount on shoes and Norah and I needed shoes (I really mean need - my white sandals that I wear ALL the time are literally falling apart. I was basically ordered by Kevin to get new shoes. Okay, twist my arm).
As we were walking out of the house, Kevin says, "Norah, don't spend too much money."

Norah responds with, "I'm not the one who spends all the money - it's mommy who spends all your money."


Alison said...

So glad to go shopping with you! Any time you want to go, just let me know!